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Moroccan Home Decoration

The hallmark of Moroccan theme is rich and exotic colors. Moroccan home decoration theme has gained huge popularity in recent times. More and more people are going for warm shades of gold, purple, red and orange while designing their homes. There is no place for neutral shades in this particular theme. If the issue of re-painting is there then, one can go for wallpapers of same colors. This theme completely avoids shades of white. Once the painting or wallpaper part is done, complimentary looks for windows, ceiling and door frames should be decided. This will help in coordinating the look of entire room.

To add further flavor and depth to Moroccan theme decoration, use plenty of cushions and curtains. Here again, bold colors should be the primary choice. Add some elements of mystery by mixing variety of fabrics and textures in this decoration theme. Remember to have curtains that are long and luxurious.

Moroccan theme is all about rich, sensuous style of the room so lighting is another important factor here that should be given adequate attention. One should ideally go for soft and low light which will enhance the feel of the room. You can use candles or lanterns or low wattage sconces. To attain true Moroccan feel, you must have carpet spread across the room. Go for colors like brown and rich gold.

To complete Moroccan theme home d├ęcor, dark wood furniture is a must. Dark wood will perfectly compliment the rich colors of the room. One can further go for exotic accessories like rich metallic pieces, colored glass, beaded fabrics or silks to get luxurious feel. Lastly, for the final effect of opulence, it is recommended to use gentle incense and good music player.
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