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Fez ceramics - Ceramiques de Fez From Morocco

Moroccan Fez Ceramics and Pottery The Fez ceramics are all prestige designs to dazzle the soul. An eternal passion with Moroccan artisans that takes years to master the shape and substance that gives birth to beautiful Moroccan ceramic dishes, ceramic vases, ceramic pots, ceramic urns adorned with filigree work with abstract hand designs and colors.
Faience is a traditional characteristic color scheme of Moroccan polychrome that is still respected until today's modern times, by Moroccan master artisans.
On the first firing, the potters put on the opaque tin glaze on the earthenware; the mineral pigments used for the polychrome decoration are then applied over the dried glaze; in a second firing glaze and pigments melt together giving birth to traditional exquisite Moroccan earthenware.

The most important center of urban ceramic  production in Morocco is Fez. The objects made by the ceramic potters are mostly functional and for everyday use.
Colorful and vibrant Moroccan Ceramic jars with lids and silver work.

You can still use the Fez ceramic pots to store fat or yeast.The Fez ceramic bowls to serve Couscous and the ceramic tajine to serve succulent Moroccan recipes. Ceramic Moroccan vases offer a delight when displayed with flowers and even on it's own.
Ceramic plates for decor with camel bone henna dyed decoration give a stunning, rich and unique look no matter how displayed.
We offer a wide variety of authentic Moroccan  antique Fez ceramics earthenware, hand picked by us and imported from Morocco.

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