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Moroccan Lanterns

We carry a wide variety of Moroccan Chandeliers, oversized chandeliers with clear glass lanterns or colored glass lanterns.Over the past couple of years, the popularity of Moroccan lanterns has increased significantly.
Each lantern is individually hand made in Morocco by skilled artisans. No two are ever exactly the same. Only when lit in a darkened room can their beauty be truly appreciated.
Moroccan lanterns are often placed on floors, tabletops and wall or corner shelves, they may also be hung on walls and ceilings on in trees. These Moroccan lamps are also mobile and can be hung on hooks and carried from place to place to provide unique lighting for a night time walk or journey through a dark house. Of course, hooks are not the only option for using lanterns in upper areas. Moroccan lanterns are a perfect fit for high corners and wall shelves. Moroccan lanterns with clear glass to use with candles
                                  Moroccan Lamps: Ceiling and Wall Lighting

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