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Moroccan Mosaic TILE tables

Moroccan Mosaic Table White and Blue Zellije stars tiles on on

Moroccan Mosaic table tops are made of a multitude of ceramic old tiles laid to create complex colorful design patterns. These are the same stunning intricate hand cut tile work commonly seen throughout the Imperial cities of Morocco and North Africa, that are known as Zillige.
It takes a master craftsman, Maallem many years to learn this complicated extremely beautiful craft.
Indoor and Outdoor Moroccan Mosaic Tiles Tables and Table Tops with Wrought Iron Bases.Dazzling the eye with the complexity of its abstract patterns, Moroccan Zellije cannot fail but to impress. This art is found on Mosaic walls, Mosaic floors, Mosaic columns, and looks amazing on Moroccan Mosaic tables.
We have a wide selection of beautiful Zillige mosaic dining tables, mosaic coffee tables, mosaic outdoor tables, mosaic square tables and mosaic round tables, in colorful geometric patterns. The Moroccan tile tabletops are available in various sizes and heights that come complete with  wrought iron bases. The heavy Moroccan mosaic table tops just sit on the classic wrought iron table bases.
Outdoor Moroccan small square mosaic zillije coffee tables.

Our Moroccan Mosaic Outdoor Tables are patio furniture, lawn and garden furniture. Our Moroccan outdoor furniture including the Mosaic tables can sustain rain and need only to be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The wrought iron bases for Mosaic garden tables are finished to last a long time even in outdoor decor and furnishing. 

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