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Khamsa - Moroccan silver craftmanship and artisanat.The Moroccan Silversmith takes great  pride in his craftsmanship skills that have been handed down to him from generation to generation for the past century.
Moroccan silversmith can be seen in the souks and medina creating infinitely intricate designs in making silver jewelry boxes (coffres) and jewel incrusted boxes, silver nomadic daggers,  "Khamsa" which represents the symbol of the hand, but which in Arabic means "five" (5 fingers), silver bracelets, heavy necklaces with jewels and a wide assortment of Moroccan nomadic silver jewelry like cuffs, silver bangles, silver pendants and treasured silver collectibles.
Moroccan silversmiths also create beautiful decor pieces for the house like silver candleholders, silver ashtrays, silver mirrors, silver lanterns and silver teapots.
Moroccan silver teapots using a traditional curved spout allows the tea to be poured into tiny glasses from a height of approximately half a meter to form a foamy head

With today's technology, nothing much changed in the silversmith skills and creations but for the additional demands of the tourists that inspired them to add modern objects.
 Still created with ancient methods, modern Moroccan silver napkin holders are created with art and definitely embellish and give originality to a dressed table. Another modern item will be women silver belt buckles with intricate designs, hand made.
Moroccan products of exceptional quality are also created by  the Moroccan Jewish silversmiths that played an important role  in Moroccan craftsmanship since the 1400's.

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