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Moroccan Tea Glasses

Moroccan Mint Tea Glasses
Classy traditional jewel coloresl Moroccan tea glasses with Gold and Silver patterns
These traditional Moroccan glasses are used to serve hot  Moroccan mint tea but by being colorful, original and exquisitely designed they are also used as aperitifs glasses, funky wine glasses and as fresh fruit juice glasses to serve to friends on a hot summer day. Moroccan mint tea glasses are hand finished with silver, gold and colorful arabesque designs an in assortment of jewel colors. Made of clear glass and frosted glass.
The Moroccan tea glasses can also be used as a cup style votive candle holders. The tempered tea glasses are perfect votive candle holders with white or colorful tea  light candles.
One more modern use for the Moroccan Tea Glasses that is commonly practiced is favors. Moroccan tea glasses Wedding Favors, engagement favors, Moroccan themed favors or any special occasion favors. Just dill them with Jordan Almonds, wrap them gracefully in organza and you'll have classy favors, impressive favors, useful practical favors and favors they'll talk about for a very long time while remembering that special occasion.
Tempered glass Moroccan tea glasses votive candle holders, with tealight candles
Most of the Moroccan tea glasses hold 4 ounces of liquid.
Hand wash only. Use a soft sponge and mild to regular dishwashing soap.

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