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Shop in the souks of moroccan.

Moroccan showroom in Los Angeles, California with a wide variety of Moroccan furniture Moroccan lighting - antique tribal rugs and tribal art.
Shopping in Marrakech and all over Morocco is a true shopper's delight and a real adventure where you find tourists and natives alike, browsing all  day long in the souks.

Brushing up on one's Arabic and French could come in pretty handy.
The most well-known souk (marketplace) is Djemaa el Fna, an open air square where merchants entice customers walking by, with sweet delightful smells and magical mysterious sounds.

At night, the market place comes mysteriously alive with various food stands, storytellers, snake charmers and watermen. Inside the maze of the medina, the old city, one can find beautifully Moroccan handmade items made from brass, metal, silver, wool, camel bone, and leather.

Moroccan Rug merchants are sure to offer Moroccan mint tea while one plows through piles of hand woven Berber carpets.

Moroccan Decorating with exotic lighting fixtures and Moroccan chandeliers for indoor and outdoor is a unique and fast growing trend in Moroccan interior design.

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