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Amazing Marrakech

Donkey cart along a Marrakech-pink wall.
Bright oranges for sale at a small market.
Jewelry on display in the souk.
Makeup, herbs and sponges on display at a shop.

Orange juice cart in the Jemaa el Fna Sqaure.
Plants and pavers at Yves Saint Laurent's Jardin Majorelle.
Bright blue wall at the Jardin Majorelle.
Food vendors at the Jemaa el Fna Square.
Colored wool dyes in the Dyer's Souk.
Embroidered market baskets on display.
Beni Ouarain carpets for sale in an enormous carpet shop.
Alex relaxing while Cory, Meg and I negotiate our carpet purchases.
Wall art and wheelbarrow in the tiny alleys of the souk.
Canvas awning on a rooftop terrace at Riad Zamzam.
Beef and fava bean tagine (served to us for free by a carpet salesman) eaten Moroccan style.

Mirrors for sale in the souks.
The soothing entry into Riad Zamzam.

Marrakech is really amazing. I am in love with this city. Donkeys, mopeds, tourists and Marraches meander through the seemingly never ending maze of shops of the souks. Anything and everything for sale. Children playing soccer and running from house to house. Women covered from head to toe in their hijabs. Walk off the busy street and find yourself on an even smaller alley lined with large, unassuming wooden doors. Walk through a door into your riad you are totally overwhelmed at what lies within. Dark, cool hallways. Fountains and pools. Comfortable lounge furniture. An oasis.
Colorful. Hectic. Enchanting.
Marrakech is truly a feast for the senses. 

By : alysandalex.com
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