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Design Morocco

Four riads in five days.
I am sort of at my interior design inspiration threshold.
A few highlights...

Breakfast served on the rooftop terrace at Riad Talaa 12.
Courtyard swimming pool at Riad Zamzam.
Gorgeous ceiling pendants in a plaster hallway at Riad Zamzam. The lit niches displayed the owner's African mask collection. The antique chest held antique textiles.
Rooftop terrace at Riad Zamzam. Notice the funky-mod bar in the background, the lovely ornament on the wall and the cute little chaise setup with rolled towels and woven straw hat. I'm sorry but I eat this sort of stuff up.

Lucious courtyard at Riad El Nour. Dinner was served at these comfortable tables surrounding the fountain and under 4 blooming orange trees.
Entry hall at Riad Malaika. The building is total open to the elements through this 4 storey light well. The fountain echos throughout the entire building and birds sweep through at will.
Song birds in a magnificent hanging cage in the entry. Ummm...I'm never leaving.
Reading lounge with cozy wrap-around banquette.
I think this is just spectacular. I could just sit and stare at these colors, this lighting, these textures.
Meg at the entry to her room on the second floor. All of the rooms are sort of open and there is a real sort of guesthouse feeling. Right now all of the windows and doors in our rooms are open to the atrium and we can hear the trickling water in the fountain and Moroccan Afrobeat music playing downstairs. Also notice the encaustic colorful floor tiles. We see these everywhere. They are just so happy and practical for this hot climate. Love it. 
And our bathroom. Aged plaster. Moroccan tiles. Colored glass Moroccan pendants.
And the coolest shower ever.
More to come on this but it is serously some of the coolest design I have ever seen. The best part is that it seems so effortless, laid back and regionally appropriate. 
By : alysandalex.com

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