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Turkish bath (Hammam)

The benefits of a Hammam

The Hammam: better known as Turkish bath is more and more appreciated. In a society where everything goes fast, it offers a necessary break away from everyday matters.
The hot steam of a Hammam helps opening pores, cleaning them, releasing sinus and nasal ways, appeasing aches and facilitating breathing. Its effects are beneficial for those who suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis,allergies…
A session of Hammam releases also rheumatism. Moreover it increases the body temperature and activates bloodstream. It has the same effects as cardiovascular exercises.
A Hammam session confined by a hot bath would make you sleep like an angel, while a shower would revive you.
Offer yourself a hammam or a bathroom made by Maroc Design, and enjoy the all the advantages of the Tadelakt of Morocco.
Made on the traditional techniques, Tadelakt is an ecologic coating typically Moroccan, gives you a unique sensation of relaxation and sensuality with its smoothness and velvety.
Maroc Design, is a team of traditional Tadelakt coating professionals for hammams and bathroom.

: marocdesign.net
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