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Miami Gym designed by William Sofield

Let’s all go to Miami right now! I need to move there actually. Because I know my new hip would feel oh so much better if I were toning up at the David Barton Gym.
This photo essay is from last month’s issue of Interior Design magazine. I’m generally in love with all things Moroccan and mid-Asian things these days. Though it’s not residential, there’s still a lot to learn here, in my humble opinion – beginning with the lighting. As you look through the photos, try to imagine how different the space would look without the atmosphere created by the marvelous lighting.

Let’s go!

A pendant globe creates movement on the wall that leads to the locker rooms. Movement in a gym – there’s an idea.
David Barton Gym reception 
Everything in the reception area is authentically Moroccan. Color is the star here. Deep indigo. And the mix of materials – woods, fabrics, and metals. It has the feel of a seraglio as opposed to a gym. Nice atmosphere.
David Barton Miami gym ceiling 
Above the reception area, the star-sparkled ceiling takes my breath away. Again, this is a total light show. So the next time you think about overhauling your space, think about lighting first.

Again, recycled glass in the spheres create a graphic shape on the walls. It recreates the stained glass shapes of Morocco. Pretty cool, huh? The place to do this at home is a powder room. That’s the place to go over the top with drama.
Hey, this actually is a gym! Funny, this doesn’t look like the YMCA, where I work out (and I think they did a great job on that). Three cheers for designer Sofield’s team.
This is close to one of my favorite parts – the women’s locker room. How cool is this? See what a little rope lighting tucked behind those lockers does to the room? Awesome!stenciling-in-womens-lockers 
This is my second favorite area – the women’s locker room. How cool are those stencils? Very. The colors, the lighting – it all makes you feel so good you won’t care how many pounds you need to lose. Try this look in your bedroom or dining room. These are good rooms for drama.
The spa lounge gets its sense of movement from the different sizes of the colorful lanterns.
Barton gym men's locker room 
Men, how do you feel about the locker room’s entrance here? Masculinely understated, but it maintains the look. I guess men are embarrassed by drama in the lockers?
Barton miami spa and gym massage 
Here we see the spa area. I really need to be on that table right now. The tables are arranged in a row (next photo). The only I don’t like is the proximity to each other. I want to feel aloooone during my massage.
Barton spa 
The look here is fantastic. Love the tents. Love the rugs. Love the tables and candles. It’s perfection. Just whisper. Shhhhh!
Has anyone been here? Make us jealous and speak. I also want to hear reviews on the design. Fire away.

images: eric laignet
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