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Moroccan Decor

Out of all of the themes out there to decorate an event with, the Moroccan theme has to be my absolute favorite. Everything from the colors, to the fabric, the furniture, I just love everything about Moroccan decor. I've always wanted to decorate my bedroom in a Moroccan theme and still plan to do so one of these days.

Moroccan themes are ideal for dinner parties, birthday parties, corporate events, etc, etc. There are Moroccan decor specialists that will come out and transform your event into a magical Moroccan atmosphere. Harem Nights is an example of one these companies.

The two images above are examples of a Moroccan themed sit-down dinner. In this type of setting, pillows and cushions are used for seating. Also notice how the ceiling is draped with yards of colorful, lush fabrics.

These leather seats are called "pouffes" and are often used as additional seating in most Moroccan settings.

If you want to throw an outdoor event, a tent, like the one shown above, can be transformed into a Moroccan paradise

Shown above is another example of how an outdoor space can be used to create a Moroccan atmosphere.

This is the reception hall of a Moroccan themed wedding.

Moroccan decor also makes for cozy lounge seating.

In the home, bedrooms, living rooms, patios and even kitchen and dining areas can be transformed into colorful Moroccan themes.




As you can see, I got a little carried away with the pictures in the post, lol! I could go on and on when it comes to Moroccan Decor. Did I mention that it is my absolute favorite? I think that is quite evident at this point, LOL! Remember, if you want to use this theme for an upcoming event, there are Event Planning companies as well as companies that specialize in Moroccan decor. Just do a google search for your area. They have them all over. Hopefully, you were inspired to throw an event or decorate a room in your house using this theme.

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