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Moroccan Lifestyle

To us, Moroccan culture is entertaining and exiting. The people are friendly and there is color everywhere you look. Genuine hospitality is ingrained in their culture and it is not uncommon to strike up friendships with people you meet and to feel enveloped in their lifestyle.


Souks, the very unique markets, are a way of life.  narrow, winding streets and alleys where you continually get lost. Specialty ‘stores’, or more accurately displays, devoted to fabrics, spices, brass, ironwork, nearly anything you can image are everywhere.

Contained within the ancient walls of the medina (old city), here life continues as it has for centuries, with artisans creating what we found to be amazing handmade products that scream at you to be awed and enamored.

 Riads are ancient homes of Sultans, princes and aristocrats. 
 Now converted into luxury guest houses situated in the heart of the old cities, they reflect the traditional  Moroccan designs and give guidance to anyone wishing to recreate their own touch of Morocco in their own home.

The most important lesson is to enthusiastically embrace colour, rich vibrant colours, the reds and oranges of the sun, blues and greens of the sea, and gold’s and silvers of the sand.
Moroccan approach of colors is completely unique and the pride of the artisans that dexterously use natural dyes to create magic and awe!


Interior decorators & fashion gurus worldwide are going Moroccan. It is a secret discovered as the next big decorating inspiration.
Let us introduce you to the Moroccan mystique which is becoming a worldwide trend.


By : atlassunsetcrafts.com 
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