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Next: The Mediterranean

It might not be just one country, but I want to see it all!
This one might not actually count, but I think it does! The Mediterranean does have shared culture, food, people, ideas, all of that interesting stuff. Mainly I want to go for the food, the sights, and the homes. It seems like a place where people know how to live and live well! I’d love to go to Morocco (although I hear it’s pretty dangerous), Italy, Greece, the French Riviera, and possibly Egypt and Turkey. As a white woman, I might have some trouble sight seeing in these places, but the experience would be worth it. As long as I make it out alive!

Santorini, Greece

French Riviera

Moroccan Decor---LOVE IT
Finally: Wherever I end up Studying Abroad!
Sigh This one is kind of a stretch too. But I don’t know where I will be studying abroad yet. I’m planning on going Fall of 2012, a great way to start my senior year. I  might be going to Norway or England or Ireland or Sweden or Denmark or Germany….all I know is wherever I go I will love it. Its an experience like no other to both travel and live abroad and I just can’t wait!

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