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Travel Maps of Morocco

The Berbers are known to be the original inhabitants of Morocco.

In the maps of Morocco it was linked with the Mediterranean region after the arrival of the Phoenician traders which is clearly visible in the Morocco maps.

Morocco was later integrated into the Roman Empire due to its location on the map which facilitated trade and commerce.

The country was also subject to French colonization and finally gained its independence on March 2, 1956. 

All Morocco maps of the nation visibly exhibit the Moroccan coast which starts at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and extends into the Mediterranean Sea through the Straits of Gibraltar.

The nation shares its borders with Algeria which is prominent on the map towards its eastern side and Spain is located to the north of the country with the Straits of Gibraltar separating the two countries.

According to guide maps, there are many architectural wonders that one can visit all throughout the country. The Hassan II Mosque is a magnificent structure which has developed into one of the greatest attractions of Morocco tourism industry.

Rabat’s Hasan Towers with its numerous imposing columns is another big draw for tourists.

Other renowned locations on all maps of the country are the Kasbah Museum in Tangier which displays an overwhelming collection of Moroccan art and the stunning Hercules caves.

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Map of Morocco

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