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Visiting modern Morocco: A study in patterns

Following our introduction of Christiana Coop, she writes to us from Morocco to bring us some amazing patterns and textiles from colourful Marrakesh…
My first post for mydeco.com comes from Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh, Morocco. I’ve been working on a project here with the owner and designer, Maryam. While staying here, I’ve been so inspired to become more creative and daring in mixing old and new patterns and textures.
Co-owning two wallpaper shops, Ferm Living Shop and Hygge & West, I don’t consider myself shy when it comes to bold patterns.  But I haven’t thought to mix them up quite so freely and joyfully.
I want to share some of my favorite combinations with you to provide a bit of inspiration for a modern Moroccan mash-up!  First up is one of the lovely guest bedrooms where I am staying here.  The bursts of pink and gold in the bed linens and wall hangings are classic Moroccan, but mixed with a bright Suzani pattern and bold black and white, they feel fresh and contemporary.

I like the graphic black and white textiles mixed with traditional Ikat and Moroccan  patterns in wools, silks and concrete which make this room playful, cozy and very eye-catching.

Keeping the color pallete dark and golden, this mix of patterns creates a sultry, modern vibe. I think it’s very moody and glamorous!

A traditional beaded pattern used to upholster a chair, a bright wool rug, sparkling pillow cushions and a boldly stenciled fireplace gives this room a playful sense of humor. The modern feel is created from unexpected applications of classic patterns and fresh color combos.  And don’t forget some sequins which catch a touch of sunny sparkle!

Here’s a little mix I put together from patterns around Peacock Pavilions as an experiment.  One way to create a modern Moroccan feel is to add a contemporary wallpaper, like the feather wallpaper from Ferm Living Shop, above, into the more traditional mix of pattern, I think.  Of course, one must include a sparkling vintage wedding blanket for an authentically chic Moroccan room, don’t you agree?
All images are accredited to Christiana Coop

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