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Marrakesh: D.C

Restaurant Moroccan, Marrakesh: D.C

617 New York Ave NW
Washington, D.C., 20001 U.S.A..
For reservations, please call (202) 393-9393
(Reservation required)



The Marrakesh is the premier authentic Moroccan restaurant in the Washington, D.C. area. Experience the magic of our exotic and delicately seasoned cuisine while you relax amid Oriental splendor. Rich tapestries surround you and the rhythms of Moroccan music fill the air.


The Marrakesh is a casual place to celebrate a special occasion, a birthday, an anniversary, or a promotion. We will take care of you from the moment you arrive from our valet parking to the ritual "washing of your hands" to the delectable courses. We know you will be back, and you will always be welcome.

Marrakesh D.C Restaurant Web Site : http://www.marrakesh.us

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