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Moroccan Style

From Did Daybeds Idealistic Design Living Room Edition

Moroccan Style

As located in North Africa and has an international border with Europe,plus there are both coast and desert, 
Morocco is the country reaching a high level of civilization and has developed its own identity continuously
as we would see in their architecture and decoration style

Buildings with a  central courtyard and marble fountains surrounded by  buildings to protect sand
are the significance of Moroccan style. Another of the outstanding features is the patterns elaborately
formed by mosaic tiles that can give a good impression to people passing by. Undoubtedly, motifs
on mosaic walls or patterns on rugs or even ceiling paints are all about botanies and geometry
shapes. This is as a result of religion matter.
If your decoration style is going for Moroccan, I would like to suggest you to focus on giving
texture to walls by covering mosaic tiles or plastering and polishing by using sponges. This is to make
uneven colour walls  which mostly are in orange colour walls which mostly are in orange colour getting
from the buildings in Merrakesh, Morocco. There are the use of engraved doors and windows,
built-in sofas, bright-colour  cushions and rugs, brass lamps, rug-walls and painting motif
decoration-everything but religious objects.

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