Maroc design : Un art de décoration marocain

Maroc design

Est une découverte des idées de décoration marocaine, un art de création d'objets de décoration qui fait partie de l'histoire du Maroc.

decor marocain

Maroc furniture

Moroccan houses architecture

 I absolutely love Moroccan houses architecture unique Moroccan touch for an amazing home.

Moroccan Architecture
Photography in Morocco
Moroccan Houses Architecture

Decor Marocain : La porte du Maroc

Decor Marocain un style unique pour une culture maroc design riche.

Decor Marocain

Moroccan Interior design

Amazing Moroccan interior inspired design :

Moroccan Interior Design
Moroccan Interior Ideas
Photography in Morocco
Moroccan Interior Design

Morocco Architecteur : Riad Laksiba, Marrakech

Riad Laksiba feels centuries old.
Riad Laksiba looks,feels and is... totally authentic...

Beautiful hand carved arches and columns, in sable-de-la-mer and tadalakt,influenced by the Kasbah Mosque and the Saadian Tombs.Solid Cedarwood doors ans windows with hand carved Berber motifs.
Quiet salon areas outside four of the five en-suite bedrooms to give guests quite induvidual space to enjoy sumptuous breakfasts, mint tea,discuss the world, keep in touch through the Riad's free wifi or relax and read one of the many books and novels scrattered around.

Riad Casa Lila, Essaouira, Medina

This old house belonged to a wealthy spice merchant and is now a guest house.Offer wellness, pleasure and serenity original decor and a subtil mix of colors and scents.

Morocco Style
Moroccan Interior Decor
Morocco Design
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Moroccan style
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The Jardin des Douars : beautiful guest ksar (palace)

Located in the heart of the Essaouira hills, sheltered from the high winds in a magnificent natural setting formed over millennia by the Ksob Oued (river), the Jardin des Douars is a beautiful guest ksar (palace) dedicated to lovers of nature, authenticity, simplicity and kindness.

A guesthouse of charm in voluptuous forms, constructed in accordance with Moroccan traditions and materials, combining a subtle refinement of decoration with the luxuriance of a garden for real relaxation and simplicity. A rarely experienced luxury for discerning clientele seeking relaxation and simple pleasures, as a couple or with the family. 

A place where you can stroll in the garden or in the nooks and crannies of the house, be massaged and pampered under the dome of the hammam, sample delicious cuisine, take an aperitif before a large hearth fire, bask by the poolside or in a remote corner of a garden paradise, and that invites absolute relaxation at all hours. 

An other Moroccan Style

New York fashions made in Morocco

Moroccan style in pictures..

Moroccan Bedding : Moroccan Style Bedding

Bathroom In Moroccan Style

The Pros and Cons of the Lonely Planet Morocco Guidebook - A Book Review

If you are into travelling as I am, you would agree that travel guidebooks are one of the essential tools one should have. They are a very helpful in the sense that a tremendous amount of time and effort has gone into creating them for accurate information. Some of them can be a little too patronizing and confusing sometimes.
I have learned from experience that it would be a big mistake to cling to them religiously as many travelers do, since most of them are often out of date before they are even published. It would really be nice to be able to get the most out of these guidebooks but believe me, it would be best that you learn how to use them sparingly and rely on your better judgment. Lonely Planet is an authority when it comes to creating travel guides.

Let's take a look at some of the Pros and Cons of the Lonely Planet Morocco guidebook. I travelled to Morocco on a two-week trip to experience the "Red City" and immerse myself in an adventure of sorts and I used the Lonely Planet Morocco guidebook to help me throughout my trip. I don't know how to speak any French or Arabic which made me solely dependent on the guidebook which was great because it contained basic phrases that anybody could use for basic communication such as for asking directions.

What's great about the Lonely Planet Morocco is how the chapters and logistical information are organized. It also has some good information on accommodations and how to get around the place. There are even maps in the guidebook that I think are pretty basic but are really useful. I've heard some people comment that they find the map confusing rather than helpful. All I could say is "It worked for me".

Well, there are a couple of things about it that I did not like. First off, the Lonely Planet Morocco guidebook is extremely heavy that it would be a chore to take it around with you. I was seriously contemplating on ripping out some pages but ended up just photocopying those pages I needed. Another thing that I don't like is how Lonely Planet has devoted a significant number of pages to history and culture.

Sure, it's interesting and informative but I don't think it's practically useful to a traveler on the road. I think people would really benefit from it if Lonely Planet devoted more pages on information regarding restaurants in Morocco, activities, entertainment, nightlife, relaxation and the like that I'm sure a lot of tourists are looking forward to experiencing and getting some useful information on.

I would say that the guidebook is generally useful even though it does have a couple of minor flaws. There's one more thing that I want to share that I feel is really important that you be aware of. There are some hotels and hoteliers in Fes that are using their exposure in the guidebook to hawk their services and take advantage of some customers by raising their prices just because they got featured in Lonely Planet Morocco.

Visiting Morocco is one of the most memorable travel experiences that I had and even though it's not entirely hassle-free, it's been great! I've spent less time getting myself lost because I had a wonderful tool that has helped me research as well as make all the necessary arrangements a traveler needs ahead of time. Lonely Planet Morocco is certainly a great reference when it comes to travel, exploration and adventure.

Robert and Kimberly Murgatroyd are experts in the field of what's hot in Marrakech hotels, restaurants and nightlife. If you want to know more about Lonely Planet Morocco visit their website Marrakech Review where you can get answers to the rest of your questions.

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Luxury Hotel Morocco Destinations

Morocco became a popular tourist destination during holidays and vacation seasons. It is in fact a world renowned place for the development of luxury hotels. It is situated in the northwestern region of Africa, bordered by two magnificent bodies of water - the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. And the land expanse of Morocco comprises of the Atlas Mountain range that stretches to the dessert Sahara.

The location - as it is perfect for relaxation, adventure and luxury living, caters to conventional sense of a relaxed vacation to the more adventurous and luxurious taste. Thus more and more visitors were coming during holidays and on-season tours which sprung the development of more luxury hotel Morocco to accommodate the various guest lists. To help you fin the perfect place for your preferred get-away, here are just three of the varied vacation themes in Morocco that you may choose from.

If you prefer a luxury vacation by the beach with extravagant water sports and activities go to Agadir, in south Morocco. It is best known for grand beaches and the more modern feel of the city with less emphasis on the history and cultural elements of the place. Europeans just love the topnotch beach-facilities found in Agadir. And a commendable 4-star hotel in the city is the Anezi Hotel. This hotel can be found right behind the sandy beach stretch of the city. The town center and the bazaar market are also conveniently near for those shopping bonanzas.

And if you prefer trailing to complete your vacation, go to Morocco's "Land of the Gods," Marrakech. It is the third largest city and lies near the foot of the snowcapped Atlas Mountains. Trekking is a prime activity in this destination. Everything can be seen on foot. It is also always a pleasure to visit the souks or marketplace to find the best bargains on high quality leather, local spices, handicrafts, as well as clay ornaments like pots and bowls.

The Palais Mehdi is the first choice 5-star hotel in Marrakech. Nature lovers would love the transition from city sense to a green scene with the enormous private garden in this luxury hotel Morocco where oranges, roses, palm and olive trees are grown. The fragrance of such trees fills up the place to the lavish villas. Palais prides of an excellent service with its discrete staff who are customer oriented. The 10 elegant suites in this hotel plus the Royal suite are spacious and well complimented with a fitness center, a sauna, a massage center, a tennis court and other amenities.

Lastly, if you prefer a famous tourist spot, which consequently is a busier ambience as well, go to Casablanca, the Moroccan Capital. It has that crowded, city like feel and experience. Caza - as referred to by the locals, is the largest city in population, and is considered the economic harbor of Morocco. The perfect luxury hotel Morocco destination here is none the less, the Hyatt Regency. This 5-star hotel has 255 rooms and suites and offers luscious festival of Moroccan, Mediterranean, Asian or international cuisine. Stay fit and unwind with the many amenities of sports and recreation center.

Come to Africa and experience luxury hotel Morocco today where you can enjoy pamper service, sumptuous food, rich culture, beautiful sceneries and many more. Take a trip to this preserved region during your holiday vacation and on and off season breaks and indulge in the many luxurious hotels in Morocco. You will keep on coming back to taste each and every flavor of Morocco.

People love to visit places like Morocco and book themselves in first class accommodations like a luxury hotel morocco. You will feel the coziness and relaxing effect of its surroundings. Or you may want to try morocco hotels.

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Best Adventure Holidays in Morocco

You will find Morocco in North Africa bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, Western Sahara and Algeria. With its diverse landscapes of buzzing cities such as Marrakech, the High Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert, it hosts a wide variety of adventure activities and so adventure holidays in Morocco are some of the most sought after in North Africa.

Some of the best adventure holidays in Morocco are trekking holidays and the High Atlas Mountains are the country's premier trekking destination. Here you can see incredible vistas, witness traditional village life, camp in the wilderness or even attempt to climb Morocco's highest peak; Jebel Toubkal, for the ultimate Moroccan adventure. You can also cycle in the Atlas Mountains if this is more suited to your interests.

Another popular option is a desert safari in Morocco. You can enjoy a 4WD safari in the vast Sahara Desert where you can learn about traditional Berber life and sleep in the wilderness under the stars.

Other adventure holidays in Morocco include family holidays where the kids can enjoy camel rides and learn about a culture that is far removed from their own, traditional cooking courses, Marrakech city tours and even women only Morocco holidays for those who find comfort in travelling with other likeminded women on an organised tour.

From mountains to desert and from lively bazaars to traditional villages, Morocco's atmosphere and charm makes a lasting impression and ensures that travellers return here time and time again on adventure holidays in Morocco.

Hannah Green works for which provides detailed travel guides and a collection of the best holidays from operators across the globe. Browse our diverse collection of adventure holidays in Morocco and see for yourself.

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Cultural Etiquette in Morocco

Anytime you visit a foreign country it is best to understand the rules of etiquette. In some countries a gesture can be a friendly greeting, while in others it is a rude offense. Traveling to Morocco, a country located in North Africa, is no different. To best enjoy your Moroccan holiday, there are certain things you should know about cultural etiquette as it relates to language, dress code, greetings and dining.


Moroccans primarily speak Arabic, specifically a Moroccan Arabic dialect. If you elect to go trekking in the mountains or in the Sahara Desert, you should expect Arabic to be the main language you hear. French is another common language of the country; however, it is spoken mostly in the northern region in places like the Rif Mountains, Algiers and Casablanca. Berber-Arabic can be found in the mountain and desert regions as well. English, Spanish and French are spoken and understood in cities such as Fez, Marrakesh and Casablanca. It would be polite for you to learn some conversational French before your trip.


Morocco is mainly a Muslim country so your dress should reflect the cultural norm. Dressing in Muslim tunics is not appropriate for a foreigner; however, you should not wear skimpy shirts, shorts or skirts. Instead, you should wear modest clothing such as skirts that reach below the knees, light cotton pants and shirts that cover your shoulders. Beachwear is appropriate at tourist resorts along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast, but not at local restaurants in these same areas.


Hospitality is key to the Moroccan culture. After introductions have been made, it is customary to ask about family or friends during a conversation. You can greet people with handshakes as long as they are the same gender. A "Western" handshake tends to be firm and enthusiastic, whereas in Morocco a gentler handshake is required. Women must offer their hand first if they wish to shake hands with a man. A Muslim woman, especially those in full veil tend to refrain from physical contact. In this situation a slight bow or head tilt of acknowledgment would be acceptable.

Public affection such as kissing and hugging is not tolerated in Morocco. To a certain degree hand holding is considered a platonic gesture and is not as taboo as other affectionate displays. Cultural etiquette also states that a woman, when young and unmarried, should travel with a group or be accompanied by a man, rather than going alone to a public place.

Dining Etiquette:

It is customary to be invited to a family home for a meal while in Morocco. If that is the case, you should not refuse any offer of food and graciously accept any present given to you when you are invited in. It is customary to bring a gift, such as flowers, sweets or pastries. In certain households, the men and women dine separately and require a more conservative dress code.

Sam Mitchell writes for Journey Beyond Travel, a one-stop shop for everything related to Morocco tours.

From High Atlas treks to family vacations, Journey Beyond Travel offers everything you might need in a
Morocco travel guide.

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Explore the Magic of Morocco and Its Royal Cities

Morocco is a land of myth and modernity, legends and rich culture. Visiting brings you into another world; one that is filled with history, incomparable scenery, and some of the most hospitable, charming, and curious people in the world. Morocco is magical; not only is it set within a picturesque and rich environment, it is filled with royal cities, intriguing architecture, and always, always, a sense of life lived more vibrantly and colorfully.

While we may immediately think of desert landscapes, Morocco actually has a varied environment that is interesting to explore. But its cities tend to capture the imagination of visitors and reflect the culture of the people. Here are some suggestions that will help you plan your itinerary.

Fez. The imperial city of Fez, or Fes, is the second largest in Morocco, and the perfect setting in which to experience the life, culture, food, smells, and sights of this unique country. It is the oldest imperial city, and its Medina, or Old Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Behind its high walls lies a twisting, turning medieval city, which will transport you centuries back in time. The Ville Nouvelle, or the new part of Fez, is much more contemporary, with modern shops - and traffic! Visit the Kairaouine Mosque, the Merenid Tombs, museums, or just wander through the 9,000 narrow streets of the Medina and enjoy.

Rabat. Rabat is another old city in which you can lose yourself while exploring Morocco. It, too, has a Medina, but this is more compact than the one in Fez. It is a well-organized enclave that is bordered by water on two sides and high walls on the other. You will see incredible architecture, and souks, or traditional markets, which sell anything from Morocco's famed leather goods to spices. A great time to pick up some souvenirs!

Marrakech. The "Red City" is the most historically important imperial city in Morocco, and you will see that history etched into every stone. Here you will find the biggest souk in the country, and Djemaa el Fna, one of the busiest squares in the world. Watch acrobats, dancers, musicians, and story tellers perform, or get a bite of authentic Moroccan food at the stalls that open at night.

Casablanca. Morocco's most famous city, Casablanca, is worth a visit. Its Medina is much smaller and its Ville Nouvelle is very congested. Stop to see the Hassan II Mosque or enjoy the famed nightlife. For a better Medina experience, though, go to Rabat or Marrakech.

Experience the blend of old and new, classic and modern, ancient and contemporary in Morocco's beautiful imperial cities.

Enid Glasgow is a travel writer who recently visited Morocco.

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Hotels in Morocco

Africa is a very beautiful place, one of the greenest places in the world. There are many countries and cities full of life, one of them is Morocco. Located on the northwestern region of Africa, Morocco is a beautiful country. The location of Morocco is very attractive, the weather is just pleasant. The climate is very comfortable and this makes it a perfect place to spend your vacations. Morocco vacations are just fun and enjoyment. There are beaches, green valleys, many scenes that are attractive and a blessing for the eyes. Morocco has many hotels, all good ones for the foreigners to stay in every city. Morocco hotels are one of their kinds due to the country's culture. Morocco is certainly the best holiday destination.

As Morocco is one of the most attractive places to be seen, every year more and more tourists visit this splendid place. There are numerous hotels to stay. A large number of people stay in hotels when they visit Morocco for a vacation. The hotels are all 3 to 5 stars. You sure will not be uncomfortable. Every hotel has its own architecture and building style. The hotels and accommodations are numerous.

The hotels of Morocco are one of their kinds, they offer the splendid culture of the country, and there are a lot of accommodations for travelers. The hotels have air-conditioning, some bar items, cable TV, internet access and many more. All the rooms, especially the bedrooms of the hotels are very well designed. You will every kind of Moroccan food, the restaurants are just fabulous. The hotels have large swimming pools. So whenever you feel like swimming just jump into one of them.

You are just a king or a queen when you are in a Moroccan hotel.

Some of the names of the famous hotels in Morocco are:

Hyatt Regency

El Minzah Hotel

Amadil Beach Agadir Hotel

Balima Hotel Rabat

Sofitel Marrakech

The above mentioned hotels are also located in various cities of the country like Tangier, Agadir, Casablanca, Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Rabat and Tetouan.

The location of the Moroccan hotels is such that the markets and bazaars are not too far from them. There are a lot of shopping malls, sports facilities, entertainment spots around the hotels.

So whenever you get a chance to visit Morocco make sure you stay there for a while. The people are very hospitable and always welcome the foreigners. Morocco hotels are the very best place to spend your vacation.

For more articles and resources about Discover Morocco: visit Morocco [] and Morocco Hotels [].

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Tourist Attractions in Morocco

Sand-dunes to snow-skiing, lush vineyards to hot deserts and mix in sandy beaches, Morocco has it all! This North-African region is a sensory overload and multi-colored mesh of culture and design. Travelers will be awed through the beauty and timeless magnificence of this land that may be resplendent in its culture, heritage and art.

Be allured by the breath-taking architecture of Morocco's mosques, palaces and historical web sites that happen to be by the hundreds all close to this state. Leave your map behind as you go to the labyrinth of Marrakesh exactly where streets are overflowing with quite a few distractions from snake-charmers to silver leather poufs. Dive into the myriad of stores in Marrakech's markets where by just one can come across anything from olives to carpets.

Then head on to Fes, the cultural and religious center of Morocco in which dynasties originating from Muslim Spain and Arab East collided. Together with its bazaars, mosques, medersas (theological colleges), tanneries and crammed streets; Fes has a certain spirituality to it which is a testament to its centuries-old heritage and traditions.

Go to the well-known Casablanca where Morocco is most cosmopolitan. Famed for its rich art galleries and fashion designers, this area exudes its richness and achievements to the planet. The stifling traffic jams and shanty towns are contrasted through the city's hotels, parks, fountains and colonial architecture.
All these destinations have stunning backdrops of areas like the Sahara desert, the mountain ranges of High atlas or even the Oregano Mountains. If you are searching for relaxation, traveling towards the fishing villages of Dakhla along the Moroccan coast or for the beaches of Plage Quemada.

Always remember to travel to the numerous museums like the Museum of Antiquities or the Museum of Moroccan Art where collections of historic manuscripts, pottery, jewelry and other historic objects can be found. Entertainment doesn't stop there! Morocco's theater scene showcases the Shakespearean plays and different modern productions that happen to be full of Moroccan tradition and folklore.

Spring-time (mid-March to May) is when Morocco looks lush and green while autumn (September to November) is when the climate has cooled. Be mindful at the same time on the timing of the Ramadan because town establishments close throughout the day and function hours are lessened.

Be sure to pick official guides rather than faux guides that garner their commission from certain hotels or articles sold to you from particular stalls. Women should be conscious of a certain level of sexual harassment that may be incurred from wearing inappropriate clothing or by making eye-contact. If especially harassed, threatening to file an investigation towards tourism police or the brigade touristique can be very effective.

How many wonders have you visit during your lifetime? Visit and see the top wonders of the world and also have a look at morocco.

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Home Office Morocco

Moroccan Design Lifestyle

by Laura U, Inc.
Houston, TX, US 77098 · 128 photos
Southampton Moroccan
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