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Riad Zina, The original architecture of Morocco

For more than 350 years, serenity, elegance and well-being have been the hallmarks of this delightful house in the heart of the medina of Marrakech. Entirely renovated in 1998, respecting the original architecture, Riad Zina welcomes you to stay in a traditional home, but with all the modern comforts.
As a first-class guest house, Riad Zina invites you to relax in the leisurely and original atmosphere of this house, beautifully created by Beate Prinz. The inspirational fusion of several worlds will allow you to discover the traditional Arabian comforts of life, combined with a resolutely contemporary touch.
With its devoted and attentive team, Riad Zina will take you on a timeless journey as you discover the mysteries of Morocco.
Located at the gateway to the souks, Riad Zina is easily accessible and close to the main attractions of Marrakech. Ideally tucked away in a small lane in the Riad Laarouss quarter, Riad Zina is strategically located in the north of the medina to allow you to discover all the different marvels of this historic centre of Marrakech.
Riad Zina has carefully preserved the architecture intended by its founders, with numerous original features. After passing through a small entry hall, you will find yourself in the courtyard that is the Islamic garden (a central fountain adorned by 4 verdant areas), surrounded by comfortable areas to lounge in. The roof-top terraces are also equipped to allow you to relax in the sun, or in the shaded terrace lounge.

Contacts of Riad Zina

Address 38 derb Assabane, Riad Laarouss
Marrakech Medina – Morocco
+212 (0) 524 38 52 42
E-mail beate.prinz@gmail.com
Website / Bookings
Click here: Riad Zina

Photo gallery of Riad Zina in Marrakech

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