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Morocco Itinerary Ideas

Morocco is a fantastic place to visit, whether you have just 3 nights or 3 weeks.

Short break

If you only have a few nights to spare then take a trip to Marrakech. Marrakesh is the perfect place to go on a short-break, only 3 hours from London yet a time-warp away. Step off the plane and back in time to a medieval city of bustling souks, snake charmers, story-tellers all enveloped in the smell of incense and spices. If you would like to fully immerse yourself in Moroccan culture then a stay in a traditional Marrakesh Riad within the medina is best as they offer an unexpected tranquility. Or else stay just outside the medina walls in a more rural location in a boutique villa or hotel or even a luxurious 'posh' tent.

One week to 10 days

A week to ten days is a perfect length of time to visit Morocco and allows you to experience a greater variety of Moroccan life. I would recommend a one week Morocco trip that combines the unmissable Marrakech with a trip into the Sahara desert (staying overnight and watching the sunrise in the morning is one of the best sights in the world!) and finishing your trip with a trip to the coast in Essaouira or Agadir.

Two weeks and more

You have got two weeks, why not do it all? This length of time is great as you can experience the diversity of Moroccan life and landscapes. Rich culture and history, vibrant city life, mountain treks, camel rides in the Sahara and lazing by the coast are all possible when doing a two week trip Morocco trip or spend three weeks in Morocco for a really comprehensive experience.

There are all kinds of Morocco itineraries out there, and Morocco is such a fantastic that you're bound to have a great time, whatever you do.

Follow the Berber trail through Atlas mountain villages, sleep in Sahara desert tents and traditional riads, explore imperial cities, munch couscous in the souqs, and take it easy on the beaches of Agadir. We'll help you build your own Morocco adventure.

You can build your own Morocco trip as a holiday all of its own, or feature it as part of a round the world itinerary. We have the expertise to book your round the world flights.


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