Maroc design : Un art de décoration marocain

Maroc design

Est une découverte des idées de décoration marocaine, un art de création d'objets de décoration qui fait partie de l'histoire du Maroc.

decor marocain

Maroc furniture

Moroccan houses architecture

 I absolutely love Moroccan houses architecture unique Moroccan touch for an amazing home.

Moroccan Architecture
Photography in Morocco
Moroccan Houses Architecture

Decor Marocain : La porte du Maroc

Decor Marocain un style unique pour une culture maroc design riche.

Decor Marocain

Moroccan Interior design

Amazing Moroccan interior inspired design :

Moroccan Interior Design
Moroccan Interior Ideas
Photography in Morocco
Moroccan Interior Design

Morocco Architecteur : Riad Laksiba, Marrakech

Riad Laksiba feels centuries old.
Riad Laksiba looks,feels and is... totally authentic...

Beautiful hand carved arches and columns, in sable-de-la-mer and tadalakt,influenced by the Kasbah Mosque and the Saadian Tombs.Solid Cedarwood doors ans windows with hand carved Berber motifs.
Quiet salon areas outside four of the five en-suite bedrooms to give guests quite induvidual space to enjoy sumptuous breakfasts, mint tea,discuss the world, keep in touch through the Riad's free wifi or relax and read one of the many books and novels scrattered around.