Luxury Morocco Holidays - Affordable At Last

Luxury Morocco holidays have never looked so good with an all inclusive holiday plan to take the pinch off your wallet. Morocco is brimming with deluxe accommodation cut from some of the most dramatic architecture in northern Africa. Expansive Moorish hotels equipped with the finest amenities can be booked for less when you opt for the price breaking all inclusive holiday deal.

The Casablanca cityscape is a work of art with colourful art deco buildings lining the streets in grand style from the 1930's. Ornately carved facings and French-styled wrought iron gates add a touch of sediment and antiquity to this vibrant bustling city. The Casablanca beach scene is kick back and relaxed with a turquoise Mediterranean Sea at your face and silky white sand under your feet.

Nightlife, shopping and dining are centrally located at the Complexe de Village, sporting lively pubs and a friendly atmosphere. Find your own unique treasures at the open-air souk market, along with tasty local fare and entertaining Moroccan street performers.

Marrakech is a favourite stop on a luxury Moroccan getaway with the Djemaa al-Fna taking centre stage. This old city square remains the premier place to see and be seen with captivating views of the surrounding neighbourhood mosques. Watch a snake charmer do his thing with the flute and sample fine Moroccan cuisine made from freshly picked ingredients. The Fna makes a superb half-day excursion and a photo trip you will want to share with friends.

Booking your luxury Morocco holidays is fast and easy with the popular all inclusive plan. Everything is taken care of before you leave your home city for a stress-free and low cost way of to travel. Included in the all inclusive rate is your international airfare, your choice of superior or deluxe accommodation, a meal plan, airport shuttle service and an option for full or half-day escorted or fully guided tours.

Independent travel arrangements are a thing of the past with rock bottom total package all inclusive rates that can undercut even the best sale. If you are sick and tired of shelling out your hard earned money on trumped up travel costs, the all inclusive plan is designed for you. With everything paid before your departure, there are no surprises when you land abroad. The all inclusive travel mode is here to stay with competitive packages competing for your business. Take your time and shop the market for a luxury Morocco holiday to fit you like a glove.

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Moroccan Adventures With Air Tickets to Morocco

The magic of Marrakech and Casablanca, the rolling dunes of Sahara desert and the soaring beauty of Atlas Mountains! There are plenty of reasons to choose Moroccan holidays.

The imperial cities of Marrakech and Casablanca top the travel itineraries of vacationers grabbing flights to Morocco. These cities are laden with tourist delights and promise to dazzle tourists with a multitude of attractions and shopping options.

With top class airports, these grand cities are easily accessible for tourists taking flights to Morocco. Unsurprisingly, numerous airlines sell cheap tickets to these destinations encouraging countless tour operators to sell customized holiday packages for these cities. The efficient shuttle service and airport trains make these cities even more appealing.


This thriving city is an enigmatic melting pot of traditional and modern traits. Casablanca rewards visitors with delightful sightseeing wonders that make one's stay in the city gratifying. Unsurprisingly, Casablanca flights sell like hot cakes.

A perfect refuge for pilgrims, the Hassan II Mosque is an intricately designed mosque that proudly propounds the Arabic architectural genius and welcomes cultural enthusiasts. Hassan II Mosque entices devotees from around the globe to look for Casablanca flights.

For budget travellers taking cheap flights to Morocco, there is no dearth of cheap dinning options and New Medina is one of the finest of them all. This unique dinning location in Casablanca has a maze of fast food chains and restaurants that serve delectable cuisines.

The Square of Mohammed V is a trendy shopping location in Casablanca and is hugely popular among the visitors. It houses string of stores that sell clothes, perfumes, books, and other items at competitive prices.


Marrakech is an archetypal Arabic town. The fascinating cultural and historical legacy of the city is a big temptation for leisure vacationers. The city is hit even among budget travellers as numerous carriers provide cheap Marrakech flights. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that most who book Marrakech flights are the travellers with modest travel budget. Lavish holidays in Marrakech are no problem too.

Tourist charms in Marrakech like Koutoubia Mosque, Dar Si Said Museum beguile art-enthusiasts to look for tickets to Morocco.

Rue Souq Smarine, a popular tourist location in Marrakech, is home to traditional bazaars and entices bargain hunters to book cheap flights to Morocco. The bazaars remain crammed full of tourists haggling hard to pick up souvenir items at rock-bottom prices. Spices, dry fruits, jewellery, carpets, wooden handicrafts, fabrics, shoes and cookware- these local bazaars offer almost every conceivable product and that too at dirt cheap prices!

Numerous food stalls and vendors at popular dinning locations in Marrakech serve some flavoursome cuisines. Foodies get spoilt for choice as the spread encompasses global as well as ethnic cuisines.

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Tourist Attractions in Morocco

Sand-dunes to snow-skiing, lush vineyards to hot deserts and mix in sandy beaches, Morocco has it all! This North-African region is a sensory overload and multi-colored mesh of culture and design. Travelers will be awed through the beauty and timeless magnificence of this land that may be resplendent in its culture, heritage and art.

Be allured by the breath-taking architecture of Morocco's mosques, palaces and historical web sites that happen to be by the hundreds all close to this state. Leave your map behind as you go to the labyrinth of Marrakesh exactly where streets are overflowing with quite a few distractions from snake-charmers to silver leather poufs. Dive into the myriad of stores in Marrakech's markets where by just one can come across anything from olives to carpets.

Then head on to Fes, the cultural and religious center of Morocco in which dynasties originating from Muslim Spain and Arab East collided. Together with its bazaars, mosques, medersas (theological colleges), tanneries and crammed streets; Fes has a certain spirituality to it which is a testament to its centuries-old heritage and traditions.

Go to the well-known Casablanca where Morocco is most cosmopolitan. Famed for its rich art galleries and fashion designers, this area exudes its richness and achievements to the planet. The stifling traffic jams and shanty towns are contrasted through the city's hotels, parks, fountains and colonial architecture.
All these destinations have stunning backdrops of areas like the Sahara desert, the mountain ranges of High atlas or even the Oregano Mountains. If you are searching for relaxation, traveling towards the fishing villages of Dakhla along the Moroccan coast or for the beaches of Plage Quemada.

Always remember to travel to the numerous museums like the Museum of Antiquities or the Museum of Moroccan Art where collections of historic manuscripts, pottery, jewelry and other historic objects can be found. Entertainment doesn't stop there! Morocco's theater scene showcases the Shakespearean plays and different modern productions that happen to be full of Moroccan tradition and folklore.

Spring-time (mid-March to May) is when Morocco looks lush and green while autumn (September to November) is when the climate has cooled. Be mindful at the same time on the timing of the Ramadan because town establishments close throughout the day and function hours are lessened.

Be sure to pick official guides rather than faux guides that garner their commission from certain hotels or articles sold to you from particular stalls. Women should be conscious of a certain level of sexual harassment that may be incurred from wearing inappropriate clothing or by making eye-contact. If especially harassed, threatening to file an investigation towards tourism police or the brigade touristique can be very effective.

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The Morocco Adventure

Some experiences are thought to create psychological and physiological arousal by an exciting, unusual, bold, risky and uncertain undertaking termed adventure. It is a major pursuit of it in itself. An adventurer or adventuress is the one who believes in the existence of fun from risks in life; be it physical, financial or psychological for the recreation with excitement endured in the process. Travelling can be the most satisfying adventure involving exploration and tourism to remote, exotic as well as hostile areas by stepping out of one's own comfort zone.

Struck by Lonely Planet or Travelogues, Africa is place of deprivations but not when it comes to adventurous explorations. With every turn of the head, there is something new and exciting to venture out into being one of the many authentic destinations. It's second to Egypt as a North African holiday destination.
It is a constitutional monarchy located in the North Africa. The political capital of the country is "Rabat" with "Casablanca" being the largest city. It has always been known for its Islamic liberalism and openness towards the Western world. Morocco is a diverse place with culture and geography. Languages spoken here are Darija (Moroccan Arabic), French and Berber. Same way Moroccan literature is written in Arabic, Berber and French. Rock-influenced chaabi bands are widespread with trance music with historical origins in Muslim Sufi music.

The landscapes are a wild mix up of mountainous regions, calm coastal enclaves and barren deserts. Morocco borders Algeria to the east, Spain (through the Straits of Gibraltar) to the north and Mauritania with the Western Sahara to south. There is miserable climatic variation in the country. In the north, around Tangiers and the Rif Mountains; sunny and dry summers run from May to September. South experiences desert climate with very little rain, soaring temperatures during the day and sharp drops to cooler temperatures at night. During rainy season, The Atlantic coast receives rain and during winters, the High Atlas Mountains are blessed with snow.

There are frequent flights from most major European cities to Morocco and an option of overland travel through Europe via the Straits of Gibraltar. The infrastructure in Morocco is good with well serviced roads and public transport in the North as well as Central regions but further south the roads get narrower plus bumpier. The major cities of Morocco are Marrakech, Fès, Tangier, Casablanca and Rabat. Notable fact is that Morocco is the starting point for travelling all across Africa.

The country is divided into three natural regions. The fertile northern coastal plain along the Mediterranean contains Er Rif; the rich plateaus and lowlands lying between the Atlas Mountains. It extends in three parallel ranges from the Atlantic coast in the southwest to Algeria and the Mediterranean in the northeast.

The semiarid area in southern and eastern Morocco merges into the Sahara Desert. Morocco has the most extensive river system in North Africa with most of the rivers flowing towards the Atlantic or Sahara. The Moulouya is an exception and flows to the Mediterranean. Principal rivers of the country are Oumer River, Sebou, Bou Regreg, Tensift, Draa, Sous, Ziz and Gheris. Its 1800 kilometers of coastline offers exhilarating waterborne and wind loving activities in this region. Seaside entertainments include surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing, Trekking, rafting, mountain biking, off-road driving are inland sources to boost up the adrenaline.

The best time to visit the place is the autumn as it marks the end of the Muslim period of fasting, Ramadan.

Though the accommodation prices hike, it is the time to dive into the winding streets of the Fès medina or even snag you a wife at Imilchil's Berber Marriage festival. The warm days and cool nights of autumn offer a great deal with nature in Morocco. The High Atlas Mountains, the Anti-Atlas Mountains with volcanic Mt. Siroua, Mountain Jebel Toubkal (North Africa's highest peak), Rif Mountains in the north and the gorgeous Ameln Valley hold the major attraction for trekking destinations. Set beneath the peaks of the Rif Mountains with red-tiled roofs, bright blue buildings, and narrow lanes converging on a delightful square; "Chefchaouen" is one of the prettiest towns in Morocco. Avoid visiting the place in August due to the immense heat it tolerates at that time and the holy month of Ramadan when most of the restaurants will be shut during the day.

The currency utilized here is Dirham (Dh) with 8.15 Dirham equal to 1 US Dollar. The common phrases of communication with the Moroccans whose most cherished possession is their dignity are Ssalamu'lekum (hello, literally peace be upon you); Shukran Bezzef (thank you very much) and Insh'allah (God willing). Handshakes are the customary greeting between individuals but are somewhat weak according to western standards.

The people of Morocco are well-known for their warmth, hospitality and inhibition. It is very common to be showered with invitations for coffee or tea throughout one's stay. The cuisine of Morocco is rated among the best in the world and falls into two specific categories. The first category requires intensive supervision and the host do not participate in the preparations. No women are present and the male host merely oversees the banquet with his sons and servants. Men squat on mattresses or pillows around low and beautifully laid tables. A silver ewer of perfumed water is taken around and poured over three fingers of the right hand of each guest. The host claps his hands to begin the meal. One course after another and each delicacy is served until Chban (complete satiation) is achieved. To finish the Savor, silver ewer filled with warm water is presented to clean the mouth, lips and hands.

The meal is considered as a feast for the Gods which begins and ends with Bismillah (God's blessing). In the second category of cookery, the dishes are prepared with love and care by the mistresses of the homes (Dadas). She spends hours with her glazed earthenware with copper cooking dishes, her kanoun (the movable clay brazier) and the charcoal to perfume the kebabs which allows the sauces to simmer under its heat. A folded carpet serves as a seat. The Dada is dressed in a long colorful robe with the scents of coriander, cumin, saffron, marjoram and onion mingling with the pungency of olive oil as well as the sweetness of sandalwood, mint plus roses to delight the senses. The dinner starts with Bstilla, followed by the typical brochette or kebab flavored with bits of beef or lamb fat. Next comes the Tajine (chicken or meat in a spicy stew which has been simmered for many hours) served with a flat homemade bread called Khubz.

 In Morocco, as in most Arab lands; every household makes its own bread. After the Tajine, a Batinjaan Zalud (eggplant salad or chopped tomato salad) is served as a separate course. After this, Couscous Marrakesh, the marvelous Moroccan national dish made of semolina with each grain separate from the other is served. The dinner is completed with slices or wedges of peeled melon La Morocaine pastries made with honey and almond land finally a small glass of mint tea. The following dinner is a very much simplified version but it is delicious gives the "feel" of Morocco.

To know the high risk associated with the trip and avoidance to death, check the latest travel news and advisories with current government warnings if you are heading to the area for the history of explosions.

Travelling to the Western Sahara region of Morocco is not advised due to the presence of landmines. Though amidst all the fuss; Moroccan adventure caravan tour, North morocco plus Fez Escape tour, Moroccan adventure holiday and self drive tours to the southern coast of Morocco can be a boon to an adventurous mind. Morocco is enlightened with such undoubtedly splendid pride and vastness available in resources to fulfill the lavish hunger for adventure, food and life. It can surely be an obsession that would make one smile with an inspiration to give.

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Morocco Itinerary Ideas

Morocco is a fantastic place to visit, whether you have just 3 nights or 3 weeks.

Short break

If you only have a few nights to spare then take a trip to Marrakech. Marrakesh is the perfect place to go on a short-break, only 3 hours from London yet a time-warp away. Step off the plane and back in time to a medieval city of bustling souks, snake charmers, story-tellers all enveloped in the smell of incense and spices. If you would like to fully immerse yourself in Moroccan culture then a stay in a traditional Marrakesh Riad within the medina is best as they offer an unexpected tranquility. Or else stay just outside the medina walls in a more rural location in a boutique villa or hotel or even a luxurious 'posh' tent.

One week to 10 days

A week to ten days is a perfect length of time to visit Morocco and allows you to experience a greater variety of Moroccan life. I would recommend a one week Morocco trip that combines the unmissable Marrakech with a trip into the Sahara desert (staying overnight and watching the sunrise in the morning is one of the best sights in the world!) and finishing your trip with a trip to the coast in Essaouira or Agadir.

Two weeks and more

You have got two weeks, why not do it all? This length of time is great as you can experience the diversity of Moroccan life and landscapes. Rich culture and history, vibrant city life, mountain treks, camel rides in the Sahara and lazing by the coast are all possible when doing a two week trip Morocco trip or spend three weeks in Morocco for a really comprehensive experience.

There are all kinds of Morocco itineraries out there, and Morocco is such a fantastic that you're bound to have a great time, whatever you do.

Follow the Berber trail through Atlas mountain villages, sleep in Sahara desert tents and traditional riads, explore imperial cities, munch couscous in the souqs, and take it easy on the beaches of Agadir. We'll help you build your own Morocco adventure.

You can build your own Morocco trip as a holiday all of its own, or feature it as part of a round the world itinerary. We have the expertise to book your round the world flights.

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Morocco - The African Connection

When people think Morocco the first thing that comes to mind for many of them is desert and good food, this however is only the tip of the iceberg where African safari packages in Morocco are concerned. The Moroccan landscape is vastly contrasting and provides a beautifully rugged playground for the adventure enthusiast. This is not to say that Morocco does not provide the ultimate in luxury and relaxation, the good food for which it is famous can be enjoyed in the numerous hotels and resorts that dot the coastlines. When it comes to African holiday accommodation Morocco provides some the best on the continent, it is the perfect holiday destination for most types of people looking for African safari packages or just a beautiful place to relax and explore a culture.

Whether it's a serene hot air balloonride over the desert or a 4x4 adventure in the Atlas mountain range or simply relaxing in the Kasbah of Casablanca with a plate of local tagine you can be sure to find something that will tickle your fancy. Adventure holidays in Morocco have become a popular option for those in the United Kingdom looking for African safari packages due to its proximity to Europe yet vastly different culture and climate.

The Sahara desert that borders Morocco provides an endless supply of adventurous activities as well as some more relaxing memory creating pass times. Few people can resist the romance of a camel ride through the desert, to recreate that Laurence of Arabia experience. A trip into the desert on a camel to a traditional campsite, where you'll enjoy traditional Moroccan cuisine and camp under the stars is perhaps the best way to experience true Moroccan hospitality and culture. African holiday accommodation doesn't come any more authentic than this.

If you want something to get the heart racing then canyoning in the Ourika Valley might be just what you're looking for. Canyoning involves abseiling down the steep gorges of the Ourika River Valley and this is no dry river bed. It an adrenalin-pumping yet awe inspiring experience and should not be taken on lightly.

Morocco's climate lends itself to a day spent splashing around in rivers and been drenched by waterfalls. If you're looking for some adventure in Africa, travel doesn't get any more unique or exciting than this.
Alternatively for an adventure with a difference try a 4x4 tour of the Atlas Mountain range. This historic mountain range played a significant part in the myths and legends of the ancient world. It was believed that world rested on the shoulders of the God Atlas, this massive mountain range, it was believed, was where the world rested. Driving along these rugged mountain roads can be a bone rattling experience.

For something equally bone rattling but slightly wetter you can try white water rafting in either the Ourika River or the Ahansal River. Nothing will make your African safari package holiday an adrenalin adventure to remember quite like a day spent shooting through the rapids of a fast flowing river. Morocco is certainly one of the jewels of Africa, travel to this amazing country and you will be left with memories that will last a lifetime.

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Great Experiences Offered By Morocco

Casablanca is the largest city in the country of Morocco. Casablanca is regarded as Morocco's most industrialized city. It is also well renowned for its busy streets, exciting nightlife, and beautiful architectural structures. Casablanca makes for a fantastic vacation destination. Established in the 10th century BCE, it served as an essential strategic point for many civilizations. If you want to get away for a little while, look into visiting Casablanca. If you have a lost or stolen passport you can go online and get a new one prior to traveling.

International Travel

Expedited passport service is available online and makes preparing for an international vacation very easy. It is no longer necessary to go to physical location to get a passport. Now you can simply visit a virtual passport office right from your home computer to take care of all your passport needs.

Holy Sites

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Hassan II Mosque is a fantastic spot for tourists to visit in Morocco. You can enjoy the magnificence of a Muslim place of worship as well as impressive Moroccan architecture. It is the only mosque in the city where non-Muslims are allowed in. The Hassan II Mosque is the 7th largest mosque in the world and its minaret is the tallest anywhere. The mosque is capable of seating about 105,000 people. It is thought of as one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Part of the interior floor is glass that allows for a view of the Atlantic Ocean. This design was inspired by a verse in the Qur'an that says, "The throne of Allah was built on water."

Famous Neighborhoods

The Corniche is a famous neighborhood in Morocco constructed along the water. Many compare it to the modern-day New Jersey Shore, due to all the nightclubs, resorts, and fancy hotels. It makes for an awesome place to stroll at night to see the bustling party scene or during the day for scenic ocean views at a seaside cafe. Octagon Square is another fantastic spot to walk and people-watch in Morocco.

Street Markets

There are four main medinas in Casablanca worth looking at: Habous, Fes, Marrakesh, and Rabat. Each has numerous street vendors that make it a great way to spend the day exploring and shopping. Items like rugs, lamps, local foods, clothing, and accessories can all be bought here. It is a neat spot to pick up a few authentic Moroccan souvenirs.

Les Bains Ziani

One of the most popular recreations in Casablanca is Les Bains Ziani, or a local spa treatment. It involves sitting in a steam room, scrubbing, and a massage. You will leave feeling refreshed and sparkling. While many might think such an outing would make them uncomfortable, that is never the case. It is a significant and honored cultural tradition, like public baths in Turkey, and many people treasure it as their favorite memory from traveling to Casablanca.

As you can see, Casablanca is not only an important industrial city in Morocco, but also holds the distinction of being a strikingly beautiful and historical destination. A family vacation to Morocco would be an unforgettable experience for anyone. If you do not already have a passport you can go online and get an expedited passport or replace a lost or stolen passport in time for your trip.

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5 Reasons to Take a Holiday in Morocco

When selecting your next holiday destination, you really should consider Morocco, a wonderful country in the North of Africa which has plenty to offer family groups, couples and groups of friends. When thinking of reasons to visit Morocco there are way too many to list here, but below are some of the most important reasons.

Art and Culture

There is so much art and culture in Morocco that you could literally spend your entire holiday exploring it. In all towns and cities in around the country you can experience museums, architecture and way of life which gives Morocco is identity. The palaces and riads in particular are fantastic whilst the Museum of Moroccan Art and Dar Jamaï Regional Ethnographic Museum are just some of the fantastic museums. For those with an artistic eye there is candy absolutely all over themselves, with most of the interior design in historic buildings being artworks in their own right.


Africa is renowned for having good weather, and Morocco is no different with temperatures consistently in the 30s and, in the main part, the conditions are dry so there is little chance of the conditions ruining your trip.
Natural Beauty

One of the features that Morocco shares with the rest of Africa is that is has magnificent natural beauty. One of the most famous areas that you visit in Morocco is the Sahara desert, which is an absolute mass of sand with very little sign of human life, but beautiful nonetheless. A trip to the desert alone is not recommended, but if you can get on an organised tour you should definitely take the opportunity. As well as the desert there are also many mountains to explore and scenic coastline to enjoy amongst many other great natural features.

History and its Legacy

Over the centuries Morocco has been subject to a number of different events and dynasties, all of which have left a significant mark on the country. You can visit the various archaeological sites around the country and enjoy artefacts from the Roman times as well as from the various other chapters.


Whether you want to surf, swim in the sea, enjoy family activities on the beach or just soak up the rays, the beaches of Morocco are perfect. The water is clear blue and the beaches sandy and luxurious. Some of the best beaches are Agadir, Al Hoceima, Mirhleft and Larache.

Whether you want to surf, swim in the sea, enjoy family activities on the beach or just soak up the rays, the beaches of Morocco are perfect. The water is clear blue and the beaches sandy and luxurious. Some of the best beaches are Agadir, Al Hoceima, Mirhleft and Larache.

Paul is a travel fanatic and travels entensively in his work. Paul also works with travel insurance deals and Morocco travel insurance for those visiting Morocco.

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The Best Cities to Visit in Morocco

The imperial cities: Marrakech, Rabat and Fez are the most visited cities in Morocco. The great heritage and monuments, they have attract more and more visitors who want to learn about Moroccan history as they were capitals for various dynasties that ruled Morocco in the past.

Moroccan cities are often composed of two parts:

The Medina: A high and long wall that had a defensive role and interrupted by several big gates surrounds the Medina. There are unlimited things to see inside: Souks, old buildings, palaces, mosques, old schools, museums and Riads.

The modern city: It is the new city which is established in a modern structure. There you can find luxury hotels, restaurants and supermarkets.

If you want to explore real Morocco you have better to stay in one of the many Riads that you will find in the Medina because they are most of the time close to the best things to see. Riads are old houses which were restored in a modern style to accommodate tourists and providing them with almost the same service of five stars hotels.

When you stroll in the labyrinths of the Medina, several streets could take you to the famous Souks which are organized and named depending upon the nature of products made there like Souk of spices, potteries, blacksmiths, carpenters, fabrics and other names of different crafts. If you want to buy something do not hesitate to show your talent of bargaining.

In each medina you will find absolutely a quarter called the Mellah. This is where Jews lived in the past because they were protected by Sultans and they held lucrative positions where they worked. There are few families that still live in the Mellah nowadays as lot of them moved to France, Canada and Israel and they left a great heritage that describes how they lived in Morocco. Their synagogues, cemeteries and tombs are still visited today.

Besides imperial cities, there are the coastal cities like Saadia, Eljadida, Essaouira and Agadir where long and nice beaches invite all sea lovers to play their favourite sport or at least to take a sun-bathe.

Moreover, desert cities are great places to run away from crowded and noisy cities. From Ouarzazate to Zagoura and Merzouga you will be amazed by wonderful landscapes, oasis, Berber villages and a lot of Kasbahs which were formerly fortified castles. Going deeper in the desert you will reach Erg Chebbi where you will enjoy camel trekking on the sand dunes and spending a night in a bivouac.

Moroccan cities have many points in common, however they are not all alike and each of them has its own specifications that worth to be explored again and again.

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Morocco - A Destination That Has Everything

Morocco is a top holiday destination with something to offer just about everyone, from relaxing beach stays to activity holidays walking in the Atlas Mountain. Marrakech, the busy, bustling city, dating back to the 11th century, is filled curious sprawling souks, (markets) with an abundance of local traders and craftsmen including jewelers, potters, shoemakers and more. It is the home of haggling and impossible to leave without some small bargain. In the infamous Djemaa el-Fna Square the atmosphere is intoxicating and is the heart of Marrakech. You will be overwhelmed by the smells wafting over from the food stalls, the moving colours of the jugglers and snake charmers that vie for your attention. Marrakech is so hectic, but a wonderful world away from any British city, that you will need a break after visiting. Away from the pushy dominating city, Morocco actually has a lot more to offer.

The Atlas Mountains are only an hour away from Marrakech but you feel you've been transported to another time. Tranquil valleys, fertile pasture lands and snow-capped mountains are home to the more traditional Moroccans, the Berbers, and the country villagers. Set between the Sahara and Atlantic coast, the mountains can be walked, or trekked, all year round. In the summer the Atlas provide a cooling breeze as you trek through villages of small flat-roofed Berber houses which blend seamlessly into the mountains. In winter, more serious trekkers head up Mt Toubkal to summit the highest mountain in North Africa, during the harsh, cold and snowy weather. To summit Toubkal which reaches 4,167m high, is for most trekkers a feather in their cap but it is achievable for experienced mountain climbers and the very fit during the warmer months. There are so many trails and paths to follow that it is advisable to stay up in mountains for at least two days to give you a chance to really explore the area. There are some fantastic cheap gite d'etapes, (village houses with simple dormitory rooms), offering basic but clean accommodation. For those looking for a little extra comfort, you'll find beautiful mountain retreats, set high in the hills perhaps with a pool. The Atlas Mountains are somewhere to get away from modern, fast-paced life and take a step back.

Away from the mountains heading south, lays the Sahara Desert. The Sahara, the largest hot desert in the world, borders the Atlantic to the west and the Red Sea to the east and the Atlas Mountains to the north in Morocco. Some of its sand dunes can reach up to 18m in height providing the perfect platform to view this vast sand sea. Watching the sunrise over this incredible landscape is breathtaking and something not to be missed on your Morocco holiday. The Sahara is of course the best place too, to try out camel riding. The camel has been the chosen mode of transport in the desert for centuries and these sturdy, if a little temperamental, animals will take you across the sands as revel in the silence and solitude. Sleeping under the desert skies is also a treat, as the clear skies provide optimum astronomical viewing and the chance to glimpse the Milky Way. For the more active you can sand board down the dunes, take bouncy jeep rides or trek through the desert.

If hiking in the Atlas and camel riding through the desert isn't enough, you can always head to the Ourika River for a spot of white water rafting or the coastal port of Essaouira to swim in the sea or sunbath on the long sandy beach. Morocco is a destination that has just about everything, it is cheap, has plenty of activities for adults and children, an abundance of history and amazing food. The weather is pleasant most of the year and there are plenty of budget airlines that make daily flights from the UK. Morocco is ideal for activity holidays, beach trips and cultural exploration.

This article was written by Thom Sanders on behalf of the Adventure Company. They offer a fantastic range of activity holidays, including brilliant morocco holidays.

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