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The hgtv blog : Moroccan Rugs Are Impossible to Pass Up

by siteadmin in Designers & Shops, Floor & Wall

Thanks to our guest blogger, Martine Sainvil, HGTV Program Management Coordinator
A few years ago, one of my best friends and I decided that we wanted to be adventurers (a notion that never ever turns out quite the way you expect it to) so we booked ourselves on a trip to Morocco.
Before leaving, everyone asked if I was going to get a rug. I told them that I was going away to find out more about how other people live, to learn more about myself and in search of a great meal. I was not going to buy a rug. There was no room in my luggage; I didn’t have a space for it in my home and it wouldn’t match my decor. I was resolute.
Once in Morocco, there was always something new to see and experience. The days flew by as we traveled from city to city. I stuck to my pre-trip ideals and only picked up little trinkets for friends and family as souvenirs.
Pleased with myself and loving the experience, I thought I was home free. I bet you can guess what happened next.




Before I knew it, I was sitting on my suitcase begging it to zip close after stuffing it with two rugs. That’s right, two of them. But I don’t regret my purchases for a second because I love them so much. Just goes to show that an adventure in life can lead to a greater one in design.
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