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My Dream Moroccan Home in Marrakesh

I'm totally drooling over the first photo above, I would
love to have a bedroom like that.

I'm not sure whether I'm on a "Moroccan decor" streak
or "showcasing my design magazines" streak yet.
I think it started when I read Cote de Texas' post about
My Marrakesh's Peacock Pavilions. I've always Loved
Moroccan decor and totally fell in love with this house
published in Australia's Vogue Living magazine. This
home was built for a Scandinavian client who wanted to
meld Scandinavian architectural elements with Moroccan
design. A very interesting blend if I must say so myself.

Here's the cover of the gorgeous house. The
house is outside of the Medina in Marrakesh.

What a grand entrance! I really love it. The scale
is amazing with the height of the doors and I love
the stones in the water. Such attention to details.

Here is the actual entrance to the
home once you enter the property.

Very linear Scandinavian lines with
the gorgeous color of the tile actually
makes a decent blend.

Here's a very modern take on tiling in
the bathroom. I love how the mosaic
tiles cover all of the walls and the floor.

A very cozy and casual dining area.
Love the colors and small canopy
of the upholstered seating area.

No Moroccan home is complete
without a tea set for Mint tea.

The dining area lets out into
a nice outdoor seating area.

The Hammam is absolutely gorgeous.
A lovely courtyard.

This is a more traditional Moroccan
courtyard with a His and Hers canopied
nooks. Love it! It looks absolutely
perfect for lounging.

A beautiful outdoor raised pool completely
surrounded by tile. This is something different
as we usually dig our pools in the ground here.
It's quite lovely.

Just some different photos of more
Moroccan inspiration and color for you.

What a beautiful parasol!

And of course the camel, the animal
that is synonymous with the desert.

I hope you enjoyed this home as much
as I did and that it was able to give you
some inspiration.

All photos from Australia Vogue Living.
Viewed in : http://alkemie.blogspot.com/2008/04/my-dream-moroccan-home-in-marrakesh.html
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